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Birthdate:Apr 28
Website:Tales of a Homoromantic Ace
I identify as:
-homoromantic nonlibidoist repulsed asexual, lesbian, queer
-very liberal
-agnostic pantheist
-cisfemale, femme
-a nrrrd grrrl

I do too much shit:
-school (PhD student at UMDNJ; molecular bio, genetics & cancer) (graduate of Smith College, B.A. in molecular biology)
-Tae Kwon Do (3rd-degree black belt)
-music (singing, song composition, French horn)
-writing (fanfiction, original fics, song lyrics)
-asexual visibility (see Web site link)
-crafts (crinoid earrings, knitting, paper snowflakes)
-gaming (World of Warcraft, tabletop games such as DnD)
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