Date: 2013-05-06 06:24 am (UTC)
anthimeria: Comic book panels (Sequential Art)
From: [personal profile] anthimeria
Oh, man, I had one of those "fuck being in customer service" moments in April. If I had been another customer and not at work I could've said something.

A woman came in with her grandson and he was doing a thing we get a lot at a children's bookstore--the "first purchase made by themselves"--which we're always happy to facilitate. She wasn't rude, strictly, but she was bullying him along a bit (I try to be endlessly patient with kids, because it's strangers and math and tons of parental pressure to succeed) and I said, you know, there's no line, no hurry, but SHE was in a hurry, and then I noticed the blue puzzle piece pin on her jacket. Before I could shut my brain up my mouth went, "You have a puzzle piece!" and she went, "I have a little angel" (obviously referring to the grandson). And then she proceeded to yank the right amount of money out of his hands so she could speed him up and they could go.

I was *this close* to jumping over the counter at her.

If he's her angel, why is she acting like it's not worth waiting while he figures it out??


Anyway. Yes. Autism $peaks (and I love the $) makes me angry.
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